The Big Device Donation

Families in Wormley and Turnford need your help.

As the world knows, everyone is trying to home school, but many are doing it without the desperately needed device to learn on.

It’s time to help.

If you have a pre loved laptop or tablet that you would be happy to donate, please drop it to Costcutter in a labelled carrier bag. We’ll then wipe all the data (or you can do this first), and pass on to families in need from primary schools across Wormley and Turnford.

  1. Please only donate laptops and tablets – no mobile phones
  2. Please only donate devices that still work, and are in a useable condition i.e. no smashed screens – we are passing them on, not repairing them
  3. Please, where possible, include the charger and sanitise the device before it is bagged and dropped off
  4. If there are any passwords needed to get into the device, please leave a note with the details of them in the bag
  5. You are all amazing, and we send each and every one of you lots of love!

The devices will be given out to the schools in the coming days for them to decide which families are most in need. Please email with any questions.