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Broxbourne Big Local

Broxbourne Big Local (BBL) is a registered charity No. 1197644 and company limited by guarantee. Broxbourne Big Local was founded by the Wormley and Turnford Big Local project.

  • To hold the 999 year lease granted by Broxbourne Council for the Wormley Community Centre
  • To secure the future of the Community Centre and a range of community activities in around Wormley and Turnford as Wormley and Turnford Big Local’s funding through the Local Trust initiative is fully spent
  • To encourage new initiatives and projects aimed at meeting the needs of local people in Wormley and Turnford and elsewhere in Broxbourne
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Redeveloped Wormley Community Centre

Our Priorities

The first priority of Broxbourne Big Local was to see through the ambitious plans successfully prepared by Wormley and Turnford Big Local and the local community for the redevelopment of the Community Centre.

Wormley and Turnford Big Local’s plans envisage the gradual transformation of the Centre to enable it to accommodate a much wider range of social and community activities, by offering flexible affordable well designed space to providers and user groups.

The external appearance of the building will change to something much more striking.  We will open a café and the existing bar facilities will be enhanced.  The Foyer will be extended and additional spaces will be available for hire.  This work, which is already underway, shall be carried out by professionals supported by volunteers. Much of the refurbishment works will be accomplished without needing to close the centre and inconvenience the users. As a charity, Broxbourne Big Local will oversee the continued management and financial viability of the centre for the foreseeable future.

As well as continuing the work of the Wormley and Turnford Big Local by identifying unmet social, community and environmental needs in Wormley and Turnford, we will eventually be seeking to develop and to support other initiatives throughout the Borough of Broxbourne.